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Brenden Steins 50k a Month Website


In This Program You Will Learn:

  • I find you a winner product
  • I build you a site with a paid theme
  • I provide a video ad
  • You get access to my 40 video in depth course
  • you have my full 1 on 1 guidance
  • calls when you would like
  • 3 customer service reps always their to answer your questions
  • I build you new sites if first does bad
  • We don't provide refunds

      You will learn A-Z about dropshipping in this program. Brenden will 1 on 1 mentor and guide you. He also provides a 40 video in depth course going over all his tactics and methods that have made him 300k dropshipping. He reveals all his secrets to mastering dropshipping and making thousands online. You get to learn the knowledge that makes him 40k-50K every single month. 


      This class gives you all the insides and Step by Step vids to utilizing his strategies. You will get resources, tricks and tips, shortcuts, etc through these video's. Every video is very in depth and goes step by step. Everything you need to know is in this. 


In The 40 Videos Heres What you Will Learn: 

  • Setting up
  • Apps to get
  • Facebook pixel
  • Facebook page
  • Targeted Audiences 
  • Ad Copy
  • Budget for ads
  • Running Fb ads
  • When to stop or scale your ads
  • Scaling your ads
  • Convert Visitors into sales
  • Why your not getting link clicks
  • Instagram influencers
  • Instagram reels
  • Finding tik tok influencers
  • Tik tok influencer pt.2
  • YouTube influencers
  • How to Contact any Influencer 
  • Free traffic
  • Affiliate link marketing
  • Fulfilling orders
  • Main Tips
  • Seo
  • Recover abandoned carts
  • Customer service 
  • Dealing with returns 
  • Automation
  • Outsourcing
  • Branding your site
  • Finding winning products
  • How to find a video ad
  • Bypass being 18
  • Avoid fb getting banned
  • Talk to fb human support
  • Answering frequent problems
  • Find fast suppliers
  • Reviewing stores
  • Case study how I made 300k at 14
  • Mindset
  • Prepare for Black Friday
  • Top 10 Products to Sell for Christmas 


        We don't provide refunds. But we do remake your site if first does bad, Or have another 15 video course how to remake your site.

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Brenden Steins 50k a Month Website


Common Questions

  • What If I am not getting results inside Dropship Journey 2.0?

    We do something no one else does. In the case you don't see your ideal success our team is committed to working with you extra 1-1 to ensure we can help you get to $3k/m. Extra zooms and texting if you need it

  • How much time do I need a day to see success inside?

    We do recommend 1-2 hours a day to effectively see results running this business. This is for watching our videos, getting help, making posts, dm closing, etc

  • How do I know this will actually work?

    If it didn't work Brenden wouldn't have made $1,000,000+ with the same formulas and have hundreds of student testimonials. This is a easy to copy and paste system

  • How do I know its legit and not a scam?

    Brenden is known for being super successful young and having hundreds of testimonials. Hes seen major success at 18 even bought a AMG. So you'll get Brenden's knowledge, and 1-1 guidance, and video tactics. Also Brenden shares strategies from his coaches within this program to extend your value. Brenden was the biggest coach in the world under 18 at one point

  • How does digital dropshipping work?

    Digital dropshipping is dropshipping digital items like courses and eBooks' rather then physical goods. It is far better as it has higher profit margins, no ads, no suppliers, no products cost, and no testing is needed