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Dropship Journey 2.0 Full 1-1 Mentoring With Brenden Stein


In This Program You Will Get:

  • Brenden and his team's viral social media strategies + his million dollar dm closing scripts
  • Brenden gives you his digital dropshipping course to sell
  • A full website made for it already
  • 35+ in depth video training by Brenden Stein and team
  • A copy and paste 7 figure dm script to closing digital dropshipping sales 
  • 1-1 text support 24/7 by Brenden
  • Can book as many calls 1-1 with Brenden as you need on lifetime access (Worth $3,000 regularly)
  • 2 weekly small group calls with the students and Brenden 
  • Social media coach to review your posts, sales, etc 
  • Elite sales training Brenden learned from
  • Brenden will coach you 1-1 extra on zooms and over text if you cannot reach $1k/m. You can contact him and he will work extra with you on it 
  • Brenden takes 25% of sales made with his item

Meet Brenden, the prodigy entrepreneur who embarked on his online business journey at the age of 14, right when the world was gripped by quarantine in late 2019. Incredibly, before even turning 18, he became the world's leading mentor who was a minor, guiding a whopping 3,200 students with his strategies. He has been mentored by industry titan Jason Capital and extensively studied the strategies of the world's top sales professionals. By the time Brenden hit the age of 18, he had already crossed the million-dollar mark. Now, he's sharing his unparalleled knowledge and insights within Dropship Journey 2.0, the most elite training program he's ever offered. Imagine delving into the core of digital ecommerce with Brenden, where you gain access to a wealth of resources: comprehensive courses, engaging videos, personal coaching sessions, 1-1 texting with Brenden himself, weekly Zoom sessions, and unlimited support. Inside Dropship Journey 2.0, Brenden breaks down the hidden world of digital dropshipping. Here, you'll uncover the secrets behind a business model boasting 50-90% profit margins, minimal shipping times, no hassle with suppliers, ads, or intrusive sales calls. 

Tired of the 9-5 grind.. Brenden has came up with a business without cold calling, no ads, no suppliers, no shipping times, high margins, and no showing your face...its called digital dropshipping. You need more than just a course or coaching; you need the right guidance. Enter Brenden, a trailblazer who has accumulated over 120-150 million views, closed thousands of sales in DMs, and led a team of coaches to even greater heights. It's a transformative experience. When you join, you're not just getting access to course videos, your getting Brenden's proven strategies, personalized trainings, and weekly Zoom sessions will be your roadmap to success. Plus, you'll have direct text support, ensuring you're never alone on your journey.


(No Refund Policy). We are giving you highly secret and valuable info, alot of our time, and knowledge from Brenden and his team. You have all the resources, coaching, zoom support to make a online income. It is upon the student’a responsibility to do the work involved in the coaching. Our guarantee that we offer is, we will guide you extra on zooms and over text extra if the student can’t reach $2k/m. We legally as consultants and a education company cannot guarentee any results, income, or outcomes but we can guarentee you will get extra support If you don’t reach $2k/m in sales. Thank you and this policy will be heavily enforced  

What's Inside the Video's?

Module #1: Setting Up

What Is Digital Dropshipping

Setting Up Your Partnership Account

Receiving Your Payouts

Alternative: How To Create Your Own Offer And Site From Scratch (Only Watch If You Don't Use Our Digital Item)


Module #2: Instagram (With Coach Noah)

Setting Up Your Instagram Profile

Introduction To Coach Noah

How To Find Content Ideas And Do Market Research

Ai Speech Videos

How To Use Eleven Labs To Make Ai Speech Videos + Editing Full Video Live

Viral Tips, Post Times, Hashtags, and Captions

Making Twitter Thread Posts

Posting Instagram Stories

Cold Dming Your Instagram Followers

Bonus: 30 Minutes Of Value With Coach Jash To Go Viral


Module #3: Ads (Optional)

The Instagram Dm Ad

The Follow Ad

Examples Of Some Of My Winning Dm Ads

Module #4: Closing DMs

Dm Scripts To Start The Conversation

Objection Handling Dm Scripts

Followup Dm Scripts

Reviewing Dm Conversations That Closed From Me and My Students (Episode 1)

Reviewing Dm Conversations That Closed From Me and My Students (Episode 2)

(Reviewing Student Dm Conversations That Did Not Close (Episode 1)

Reviewing Students Dm Conversations That Did Not Close (Episode 2)

Revealing Some Of My Script

Sales Study From Some Of The Top Trainers In The World (Worth $2k+)


Module #5: Summary (Must Watch)

Your Daily Marketing + Sales Tasks To Effectively Run Your Business

Scaling Your Business To The Next Level ($3k+ A Month To Watch This)

Mindset 1

Mindset 2

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Dropship Journey 2.0 Full 1-1 Mentoring With Brenden Stein


Common Questions

  • What If I am not getting results inside Dropship Journey 2.0?

    We do something no one else does. In the case you don't see your ideal success our team is committed to working with you extra 1-1 to ensure we can help you get to $3k/m. Extra zooms and texting if you need it

  • How much time do I need a day to see success inside?

    We do recommend 1-2 hours a day to effectively see results running this business. This is for watching our videos, getting help, making posts, dm closing, etc

  • How do I know this will actually work?

    If it didn't work Brenden wouldn't have made $1,000,000+ with the same formulas and have hundreds of student testimonials. This is a easy to copy and paste system

  • How do I know its legit and not a scam?

    Brenden is known for being super successful young and having hundreds of testimonials. Hes seen major success at 18 even bought a AMG. So you'll get Brenden's knowledge, and 1-1 guidance, and video tactics. Also Brenden shares strategies from his coaches within this program to extend your value. Brenden was the biggest coach in the world under 18 at one point

  • How does digital dropshipping work?

    Digital dropshipping is dropshipping digital items like courses and eBooks' rather then physical goods. It is far better as it has higher profit margins, no ads, no suppliers, no products cost, and no testing is needed