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1-1 Brenden Stein Mentoring (FLASH SALE)


This is the exclusive Brenden Steins FLASH sale offer on his 1-1 mentoring. Learn to escape the terrible rat race society has planted within our minds. Its time for change, I'm Brenden Stein and I've broken society's curse. I made my first $650k in sales by 16 years of age and I'm ready to help you crush it for only $97.... but just today so take this exclusive offer!!


Within this program you'll get a winning item picked for you to sell along with a fully built website done by me and my team. Secondly, your given access into my 40+ video course with my top 3 secret marketing tactics layed out for you explaining how to make bank on your website. Lastly you get 24/7 customer support by me and my team  always to answer your questions + guide you. A bonus we added is 2 zoom calls a month with me so students can get maximum knowledge from Brenden Stein.... We added all the important tools we could for $97 to see success in dropshipping and break the employee TRAP!


So come join me and my other students killing it.. You'll be learning the tools Brenden Stein has layed out for you in this mentoring. Ive never diven this low to just $97 because of how much money ive made for my past client's. Brenden Steins average coaching costs $997 and has gone up to even $5k before in certain cases. But its time for a FLASH sale for the teens ready to take action and crush this industry with me!


And again we don't provide refunds as your given a lot of info for this price point. But you can cancel the subscription at any point at which you'll lose access to all features. 


1-1 Brenden Stein Mentoring (FLASH SALE)



  • What if our First Store Does Bad

    I have a no Refund Policy. But here's what happens if first store does bad. I will build you a brand new store completely free and included. I also have a 15 course about how to remake your site if you would like that more. No one else does these

  • Will you Answer on Time

    I respond extremely fast to all students to make sure they have a 1 in 1 experience. But if I don't answer in time. I got you covered! I have 3 customer service reps always their to answer you 24/7.

  • How Long Does it Take to Make the Site

    Me and my team take our time to make sure our students receive a very clean site. I personally hand pick your products. We have people on a organized list so it takes us about 3-5 days.