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Brenden Steins Mentorship


In This Program You Will Learn:

  • I find you a winner product our team researches on 
  • I build you a full website for your item done or you 
  • You get access to my 60+ video in depth course on my marketing tactics
  • You get full 1-1 text support from me
  • A weekly zoom call from me
  • If you don't make atleast $1k/m in sales ill find you a new item to sell and extend my coaching to you until you do 
  • We don't provide refunds


      You will learn A-Z about dropshipping in this program, from marketing to item research to getting Brenden full attention . Brenden will 1 on 1 mentor and guide you through the course of your journey. He also provides a 60 video in depth course going over all his tactics and methods that have made not just him but guest coaches millions combine. These are tactics you want to know to blowup your dropshipping store and new additions are added which all students get access to . He reveals all his secrets to mastering dropshipping and making thousands online within Dropship Journey. You get to learn the knowledge that makes him and his coaches  40k-50K every single month. 


     Brenden is a reputable ecommerce coach as he mentors 3,300+ people. He runs the biggest mentoring program in the world of anyone under 18. making him the youngest most successful coach By 17 Brenden has built his name and community, and wants to impact as many young men and women as possible. He learned early on risk is needed to see success and to escape the rate race and was willing to take those moves for his goals. Now he is on a mission to teach his skills worldwide. 


      This class gives you all the insides and Step by Step vids to utilizing his strategies. You will get resources, tricks and tips, shortcuts, etc through these video's. Every video is very in depth and goes step by step. Everything you need to know is in this. Alongside the 1-1 help and zooms with Brenden


In The 60 Videos Heres What you Will Learn: 

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Brenden Steins Mentorship



  • What if I dont see success

    We do something no one else does. In the case you don't see sales, I will find you a new item, build you a new site and extend my coaching till you make atleast $1k+ a month.

  • How much time do I need a day

    We recommend 30-60 mins daily. That goes towards watching my videos, fulfilling orders, asking questions, zooms, running ads

  • How Long Does it Take to Make the Site

    Me and my team take our time to make sure our students receive a very clean site. I personally hand pick your products. We have people on a organized list so it takes us about 3-5 days.

  • How do I know this will work for me

    Brenden is known for being super successful young and having hundreds of testimonials. Hes seen major success at 17 even bought a AMG. So you'll get Brenden's knowledge, and 1-1 guidance, and video tactics. Also Brenden shares strategies from his coaches within this program to extend your value.

  • How does dropshipping worl

    Dropshipping is where you find a winning product on a suppliers website (like Ali express, or wish) You then list that product on your own site, and list it for a higher price. When someone buys your product on your site, you go back to that suppliers website and put in your customers address, and ship it directly tocd  them without you having to touch the product. You can work anywhere in the word as long as you have internet connection.