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Copy of Brenden Stein Mentoring


Copy of Brenden Stein Mentoring



  • What if I don't get the results I want

    We do something no one else does. In the case you don't see your ideal success our team is committed to working with you extra 1-1 to ensure we can help you get their

  • How much time do I need a day

    We do recommend 1-2 hours a day to effectively see results running this business. This is for watching our videos, getting help, marketing, site changes, etc

  • How do I know this works

    If it didn't work we wouldn't have 3,300 people from across the world. We have hundreds and hundreds of success stories and our team is crushing it

  • How do I know its legit

    Brenden is known for being super successful young and having hundreds of testimonials. Hes seen major success at 18 even bought a AMG. So you'll get Brenden's knowledge, and 1-1 guidance, and video tactics. Also Brenden shares strategies from his coaches within this program to extend your value. Brenden was the biggest coach in the world under 18 at one point

  • How does dropshipping work

    Dropshipping is where you find a winning product on a suppliers website (like Ali express, or wish) You then list that product on your own site, and list it for a higher price. When someone buys your product on your site, you go back to that suppliers website and put in your customers address, and ship it directly tocd  them without you having to touch the product. You can work anywhere in the word as long as you have internet connection.